Paige Guthrie: Mutant X

Real Name:
Code Name: Husk
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Family: Brother (Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball
First Appearance: Mutant X # 26
Further Appearances: Mutant X # 27
Current Team: The Mauraders
Powers: Although her powers are never revealed, it is assumed that Mutant x Husk has the ability to shed a layer of skin, revealing a new form below. She appears throughout with rough, pink skin which appears to be peeling in several shots.

History: As a member of the team of 'super-villains' known as The Marauders, Husk is commissioned to steal a box which contains the body of Dracula. The team are successful in the mission, but Husk and her brother, Cannonball, start to bicker as the box proves to be incredibly heavy and difficult to move. Unaware of it's contents, she suggests that the team open the box and share whatever is inside. When she attempts to carry out her plan, she receives an electric shock of some kind and is chastised by the team leader, Jubilee, who calls her a moronic hick. As Cannonball and Jubilee begin to fight, the box is stolen by a group known as The Outcasts. In an attempt to retrieve the box, The Marauders are confronted by Bloodstorm. Husk, Cannonball and Jubilee are all wounded in the fight.

Personality: Mutant X Husk seems to spend much of her time giving out to her brother. She is disgusted that they are from the same family and makes fun of him at every opportunity. She doesn't seem to be the most intelligent member of the group and acts before she thinks. Her country accent is quite clear and leads to her being referred to as a hick. Her reasons for joining The Marauders are unclear.

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