Generation X: The End/Counter X

Towards the end of her time with Generation X, and partly due to the death of Everett, Paige's personality begins to calm down and she once again focuses on her goals, concentrating on studying rather than boys. However, she learned some valuable lessons during her boy-crazy phase and can now balance work and play effectively. She has also learned how to stick up for what she believes in, and continues to do so.

She continues to exercise and is entirely confident in both herself and her team. Showing a continued interest in computers, he develops a programme which tracks and files all incidents of terror and hate around the world. Using these files, she suggests missions for the team. Although she is very proud of her new system, Emma believes that she needs to get out more. Part of the reason why Paige has turned her attention to world events is that she no longer believes it's good enough for Generation X to hide away and receive their training. She thinks, partly because of the loss of Everett, it is time to get more involved and the rest of Generation X agree with her.

Moving away from physics and chemistry somewhat, she is now highly skilled in hacking, computer coding, wireless systems integration technology and owns every bit of technology available to her. However, she balances this with more down-to-earth interests such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Emmylou Harris. Her sense of humour is still evident and has expanded to include impressions.

However, Paige begins to move away from mutant issues the wants the team to prevent the destruction of a forest in the Northwest. She is annoyed when she turns out to be the only one who thinks this is important, and shows that she can still be childish if she wants to be when she finds out that Jono has been asked to join the main X-Men team rather than her. She declares that she no longer wants to be an X-Man, even though it has been her life dream. Despite this, she still wants to help people and stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. This is the main reason why she decides to leave Generation X, but the team have become part of her family and she is deeply upset when they disband.

Although she is disappointed that she never worked things out with Jono, she resigns herself to their lack of a relationship after one last outburst of affection for him.

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