Generation X: The Middle

Paige is still impetuous, and still rushes into fights regardless of the danger, though she has developed the ability to be calm in a crisis. However, she has started to loosen up a bit and now refers to Banshee as Sean, rather than the more formal 'Mr Cassidy.' Banshee himself is surprised by this and feels she is becoming relatively disrespectful. Paige also begins to talk more like a teenager and less like a middle-aged Professor. We learn more about her fun side, as she becomes more willing to let this side of herself show. Paige, it seems, likes girly movies, tacky nail polish and the Spice Girls, and has always wanted to go on the perfect date. Her childishness remains somewhat, as evidenced by her named for her diary - 'Ms Rags'. She is also more free with her emotions and becomes far more social than she had been previously. Her sense of humour and sarcasm continue to grow, as does her compassion. If anyone needs her help she will give it immediately, without a second thought.

While she loosens up a bit emotionally and socially, Paige also develops her style somewhat. Her chosen clothes are more up-to-date and much more revealing. She finally gets a stylish haircut and also begins to wear make-up. Her new-found boy-awareness leades her to face up to her feelings for Jono and when some other girls flirt with him, Paige becomes visibly jealous and slaps one of the girls, something which she would never have dreamed of doing whn she first joined Generation X. When Jono reveals his feelings for her, she is overjoyed and optimistic about the future. When their relationship turns sour once more, Paige seems to change a bit, becoming far more interested in boys than ever before. When the school opens its doors to non-mutant students, she is excited about the meeting the new male students. She still resents it when people try to protect her and is more than willing to make her own mistakes, which is part of the reason why she agrees to date Tristan Brawn. At first, the others see all of these changes as positive as she is becoming less of a 'suck-up', but after a while, when her behavious becomes less and less like what they're used to, they worry that she acting out of character, being more concerned with boys and her appearance than work.

Boys do seem to play an increasing role in her life, and Paige matures in her attitudes towards them. She is pleased when Tristan is able to tell her how he feels, realising how important that is. However, she does use the relationship as a way to have fun, rather than taking it very seriously, as she still has feelings for Jono. Although she is maturing in certain ways, her attitude towards Jono is childish in the extreme and she can hardly bear to be civil with him.

Although she neglects certain areas of study, Paige continues to work on developing her powers and gains more and more control of them. She feels that she is about to make a big breakthrough and is proved correct when she is pushed by Tom Corsi, and husks five times in succession without damaging her health. when she husks into glass for the first time, she is pleased, realising that there is more to mutant powers than using them for fighting. Presumably, she is still striving to be an X-Man and her confidence in battle situations rockets, though she is now able to laugh at her own setbacks and mistakes. At last, she seems to be comfortable with teamwork and no longer tries to put herself at the front of every situation. However, she continuesto develop leadership skills including tactics and assigning the right people the right tasks. Being at the Masachussetts Academy is clearly still something she wants, and she worries about being expelled. Although she doesn't seem to study as much as she did in her early days with the team, Paige displays some new skills including computer hacking.

Family is still the most important thing in her life and when her mother becomes ill, she returns to the farm immediately. Even though she is changing and maturing, Paige worries deeply about what her mother thinks about the person she is becoming. Although her accent returns briefly after this visit, Paige once again works to discard it, though it contiues to surface in moments of stress. Whentalking about her family, Paige says she will help her brothers and sisters when they develop mutant powers. In this it can be seen that being a mutant is still vitally important to her - she believes it is not a question of whether or not her siblings will develop powers, but rather a question of when they will develop powers.

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