X-Force # 32

THIRD MOVE Rules were Made to be Broken (Child's Play 3 of 4)

Paige Summary

After defeating Trevor Fitzroy and succeeding in opening a portal to where he last was, X-Force assure the Guthrie's that they are going to save Sam. Paige asks to go with them, saying that Sam is her brother and she has to try to help him. Cable responds by telling her that she is too inexperienced in the use of her powers to be of any help to them, and that they can't dedicate any effort to worrying about protecting her. Paige is mutinous, but her mother forbids her from going. Paige, however, does not listen, saying that she has to use her powers for something good for once, as that is the point of having powers - using them responsibly. This is what her mother told Sam and she means to follow the same advice. She promises she'll be alright and uses her powers to change and follow X-Force through the portal. Mrs Guthrie is surprised at her daughter's transformation and at the person she is becoming. Observing all of this, the Gamesmaster too wonders what Paige has turned into.

Wider Issue Summary

Trevor Fitzroy has turned up at the Guthrie Farm in Cumberland County, Kentucky in an effort to capture Warpath and Rictor as part of the Younghunt. Unfortunately for him, their teammates aren't willing to let them go without a fight. During the confrontation, Bantam, Fitzroy's mutant slave is captured by Warpath. Under Warpath's attention, Bantam reveals that Fitzroy is in fact from the future and is trapped in the present day, and that he himself is a chronal anchor with the ability to identify Fitzroy's timeportals. When Cable demands to know how Fitzroy opens the portals, Bantam tells him that Fitzroy must drain someone's life force. Understanding that Bantam can choose the portal that Fitzroy opens, Cable decides to backtrack in Fitzroy's steps, through the portal he just came from so that they can find more of the Upstarts. Siryn and Rictor modulate the power releases, trying to match the frequency on which Fitzroy's armour works. They are successful but Fitzroy has not given up. He grabs Cable's arms, hoping to drain his life force to open a portal, but he touches the metal arm (currently with the appearance of skin) and his power, unable to drain Cable, drains Fitzroy himself instead. With the portal open, X-Force go through, telling the Guthrie's that they'll save Sam. Paige asks to go with them, but Cable tells her she is too inexperienced. She does not listen to him and uses her power to transform and follow X-Force through the portal.

The Gamesmaster, who has been watching, turns his attention back to the former members of the New Mutants and the Hellions that have already been captured - Magma, Cannonball, Empath, Boomer, Karma and Moonstar. He probes their minds and is impressed and awed by their ability to overcome adversity and tragedy, as he is not. He is interrupted by the arrival of Justice who has come to turn over Firestar on behalf of Shinobi Shaw. The Gamesmaster tells Justice that he has played the part of Judas very well, having been aware of both Shinobi's and Justice's own plans. He taunts Justice, and all but dares him to try to betray him as he planned to betray Shinobi. The Gamesmaster tells Justice that he had been reading their minds all along and knew exactly what was going on. He also tells him that the minds of the captured are linked to his and if he is hurt, they will all die.

In Manhattan, Graydon Creed, a reluctant member of the Upstarts and the leader of Friends of Humanity is surprised by the remaining members of the New Warriors. As well as being an anti-mutant leader, Creed attacked two of their own, Justice and Firestar, and the New Warriors have had enough. They reveal that Justice had been unvercover in the Hellfire Club and threaten to reveal his involvement with the Upstarts unless he tells them where their teammates are being held. Creed gives them the information they want.

Meanwhile, X-Force have errupted out of the portal and found themselves in Shinobi Shaw's penthouse in Toyko. Although Shaw is a mutant who can control his molecular density, and therefore prevent others from touching or hitting him, Domino has a device that will dematerialise him. They threaten to use it unless he tells them if Cannonball and Boomer are still alive and if any of their other friends have been captured. Shaw answers their questions but refuses to tell them where everyone is being held, unless he receives some assurances from Cable. Cable agrees to this and Shaw directs them to the house he had built over his father's remains. Cable makes Bantam open the appropriate portal and they jump through. Shaw, in the meantime, decides it's time to move on from the Upstarts and concentrate on his other ventures, especially the Hellfire Club.

In Shaw's Swiss chalet, Xi'an Coy Manh aka Karma, senses that the Gamesmaster is not focusing on them and makes her move. She releases the others from their stasis chambers. Sam is overjoyed to see Karma again, much to Boomer's digust, but he is furious with Moonstar who had attacked him the last time they had met. Karma points out that this is no time to argue and starts to tell the others about the person she is controlling. It turns out to be Siena Blaze, who makes a convienient entrance at the moment, and who had captured Sam and Boomer. Karma reveals that Siena has been under her control for sometime and that she, Moonstar and Manuel had planned to destroy the Younghunt from the inside, using her. However, Karma notices that something about Siena has changed. Siena, smiles and says that she allowed Karma to believe she was in control of her, but that she had seen through it from the start. Siena uses her powers to knock everyone else unconscious and reveals that she is a front for the Gamesmaster, who is planning to force them to use their powers against their would-be-rescuers, X-Force, the New Warriors and Paige Guthrie.

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