Jonothon Starsmore aka Chamber

Real Name: Jonothon Evan Starsmore
Code Name: Chamber
Nicknames: Jono, Sparky
From: London, England [Scotland in GenX Novel]
Age: 20? [18 when joined Generation X]
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Family: Father
First Appearance: Generation X # 1
Current Team: X-Men / Weapon X
Previous Team: Generation X
Powers: Jono is composed of pure psionic energy and also possesses low-level telepathy. He can use the psionic energy to generate psionic blasts and also to fly, using an aid designed by Forge. He has the potential to become the most powerful mutant on the planet as he has the ability to do practically anything, including rebuilding his body and developing his telepathy to a level higher than either Emma Frost or Jean Grey. As he is composed of psionic energy, Jono does not need to eat, drink or breathe
Other: Profile from the Gen X Ashcan

History: Born in England, Jonothon Starsmore was almost normal before his powers manifested. He was, in fact, a minor rock star. However, the onset of his powers destroyed this life, along with his chest and lower face. This event also paralysed his girlfriend of the time, Gayle Edgerton. As Jono used his powers he destroyed more and more of his body, until it reached the state that it is in today, and he took to covering up the affected areas of his body with wraps of various types.

Jono was not one of the next generation of mutants kidnapped by the Phalanx, despite being on Professor Xavier's list. At 18, he was the oldest of the teenage mutants to be invited to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Upon joining Generation X he was given the codename Chamber. Still blaming himself for past events, Jono kept to himself and the others found it difficult to relate to him. Early in his career with Generation X, however, he reached out to Penance and helped to convince her to join the team. Despite his low self-esteem and his self-imposed isolation from the others, Jono forged relationships with several of the other students, including Paige "Husk" Guthrie and Angelo "Skin" Espinoza.

Most noteworthy of these relationships was his on-off relationship with Paige. When Paige was going through some problems related to the legacy virus, Gateway compelled Jono to talk to her. The talk resulted in their first 'kiss' which in turn led to the destruction of the Girl's Dorm. Jono took full responsibility for this event, but managed to isolate Paige with his wording. For some time Jono and Paige sent each other mixed-messages and had several misunderstandings. Things were finally resolved just before Paige left Generation X for a few weeks to be with her sick mother. Although Jono had promised to wait for her and it looked like they would date upon her return, Jono was plagued by self-doubt, yet again. When Paige returned he pushed her away. She eventually began dating someone else, something which Jono made no move to stop. His feelings for her, however, remained.

His time with Generation X helped Jono to develop his powers, although he still seems afraid of them and Everett "Synch" Thomas seemed better able to manage them. During this period of his life, Jono went up against mutants such as Emplate and Omega Red, and successfully battled them. He also discovered that his former girlfriend Gayle, had not truly been crippled.

When the school opened it's doors to humans, students were told that Jono had lost his voice in an accident as an explanation for the bandages he wore from chest to nose.

Just before Generation X disbanded, Jono was offered a place on the X-Men team. Unlike Paige, Jono's goal had never been to join the adult version of Generation X and he seemed unsure of what to do. Returning to England, he found himself in a relationship with Candy Southern, a music star. The relationship drew plenty of attention to the young mutant, especially as Jono had stopped hiding the missing parts of his body and was constantly surrounded by roiling psionic energy. Candy ended things when the press coverage became too negative, and Jono left England to join the X-Men .

His first active mission with the saw Jono enrolling at University in an attempt to uncover an anti-mutant group. Although Sean "Banshee" Cassidy attempted to draft Jono into X-Corps, Jono refused to join and helped to reveal the inner workings of the group. Since then, Jono has only turned up at Xavier's sporadically. Recently, he returned to question Paige's budding relationship with Warren "Angel" Worthington III, and briefly became a full team-member once again. Prompted by his jealousy over Paige and Warren's relationship, Jono is currently on another undercover mission, this time infiltrating the notorious Weapon X. To prove his loyalty to the programme he has already had to commit a murder.

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