Monet St. Croix aka M

Real Name: Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix
Code Name: M
From: Algeria
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125lbs
Family: Ambassador Louis Cartier St Croix (father), Mother (deceased), Marius (brother - now Emplate), Nicole and Claudette (twin sisters)
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men # 316 (twins as Monet), Generation X # 1 (Monet as Penance), Generation X # 40 (Monet as Monet)
Current Team: X-Corporation
Previous Team: X-Corps, Generation X
Powers: Flight, super-strength, near-invulnerability, limited telapthy and night-vision. She is also incredibly intelligent and has a photgraphic memory, but it is not know whether these are natural or mutant abilities.

History: Monet St Croix was born in Algeria. The St Croix family were highly influential and well-off and she and her brothers and sisters lived in luxury. However, the dream was shattered when Monet's brother, Marius, developed his mutant powers. Marius, who became known as Emplate, needs to feed off the energy of others to survive. Although he prefers to feed off mutants, it is possible for him to drain the energy of non-mutants. When his powers first emergyed, Marius killed his mother. He asked Monet to join him in some bid for mutant supremacy, but Monet laughed at her brother, saying that she could never associate with someone who looked the way he did (his powers had drastically altered his appearance). Marius was enraged and gave Monet a new form that would keep her from being so proud of her looks and from talking - that of Penance. He then asked her what she was without her looks and told her that she would be mocked by others just as she had mocked him. He once again asked her to join him and this time, afraid of the reactions of others, she did. As Penance, she was her brother's prisoner and main food source for several years. Back in Algeria, Monet's twin sisters were shocked by the disappearance of both their brother and their sister and feared their father's reaction. As Monet has always been their father's favourite, the girls used some powers of their own to merge together into the form of Monet.

The new Monet was captured by the Phalanx and subsequently rescued by several other mutants. Immediately after this she joined Generation X and Penance too showed up, having been freed by Gateway, a mysterious mutant with a link to the X-Men and the St Croixs. Monet did not reveal her secret or that of Penance, and the twins continued to masquerade as their elder sister. They were incredibly successful in this and, despite some hints, no one guessed what was really going on. During her early time with the team, Monet was diagnosed as being autistic by Hank "Beast" McCoy. It later turned out that this was because one of the twins was autistic.

Monet's secret was finally revealed during Operation: Zero Tolerance when Everett "Synch" Thomas synched with Monet and the twins were forcibly separated. Nicola and Claudette revealed everything and expressed distress at their sister being trapped in the form of Penance. They decided to once again merge together and take her place in the Penance form. When Monet was returned to her own body she was overjoyed, but was upset that her sisters were forced to live in her prison. The rest of Generation X was somewhat disappointed when the real Monet acted almost exactly like the old one had - snobbish, standoffish and with a real superiority complex. However, throughout their time together, Monet relaxed somewhat and became close to all of her teammates, especially Everett with whom she had a relationship.

Later, the twins were separated from the Penance body and were once again themselves, after an attack by Emplate on the school. Emplate was captured and their father, overjoyed, came to visit the school. He informed Monet that he was withdrawing her - something she had asked him to do many times. Monet, however, was not happy, having finally grown accustomed to being at the Academy. However, she left and was briefly a student at a Swiss boarding school where she discovered that the headmaster was a vampire. After this unexpected twist, she returned to America and rejoined Generation X.

The death of Everett hit Monet hard, but finally allowed her to develop a proper relationship with Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee who had also been in love with the young Mr Thomas. It is unknown what she did when the team disbanded, but she later turned up as part of Sean "Banshee" Cassidy's X-Corps. Monet, along with Husk and Jubilee had joined the group to keep an eye on Banshee, who did not seem to be acting like himself. After X-Corps broke up, Monet became part of Professor Xavier's X-Corporation (Paris branch).

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