Tristan Brawn

Real Name: Tristan Brawn
Code Name: None
Family: Hunter Brawn (grandfather)
First Appearance: Generation X #50
Powers: None. Tristan is not a mutant

History: Tristan apparantly joined the Masachusettes Academy when it opened its doors to non-mutants and became a 'normal' boarding school. Shortly after joining the school, Tristan was taken from the school grounds, against his will. When Sean Cassidy attempted to save Tristan from his 'kidnapper', he too was taken. The 'kidnapper' turned out to be an associate to Tristan's grandfather, Hunter Brawn, who had been worried about how Tristan would cope without him. This was the motive behind his retrieval of the boy from the school grounds. Tristan appeared to be unhappy with his return to his grandfather's house.

Under the impression that he and Banshee had been kidnapped (as Banshee actually had), Generation X launched a rescue mission. However, things were not as simple as they had imagined as Hunter turned out to have access to a super-natural talisman which made him surpemely powerful. Eventually, Hunter decided to prove to Generation X that his grandsom was there of his own free will and gave him permission to return to the Academy if he so desired. Tristan decided to return to the school.

Back at the Academy, Tristan worked out that Paige & Co. were mutants and threatened to reveal them if Paige didn't agree to go on a date with him. The rest of Generation X was appalled at the suggestion and stunned when Paige agreed on the date. Tristan and Paige accompanied each other to the Academy formal dance and shared a kiss afterwards.

When Hunter was sent to prison for the murder of Jubilee's parents, Tristan disowned him and found himself alone in the world, as his grandfather is his legal guardian. Presumably, Tristan now runs Hunter's large business empire, something for which he was being groomed. His relationship with Paige seems to have ended some time before the Counter X storyline.

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