The Guthrie Family

Paige is the third oldest child in the complicated Guthrie family. Over the years, details of the Guthrie's have been sparing and often contradictory. Mr Sinister established that three members of the Guthrie family have the mutant gene but in current continuity this does not seem to be true as Sam, Paige, Josh, Jeb & Melody have all demonstrated powers (thus confirming Sam's statement in Uncanny X-Men # 445 that two of his sisters are mutants). The members of the Guthrie clan fluctuate wildly according to writer and their physical traits change almost continuously, making it incredibly difficult to tell them apart and to settle how many of them there actually are. In X-Men #48, Sam states that he has 9 brothers and sisters, which brings the number of Guthrie kids to 10. Anyone who can count will notice that this means we're actually missing a sibling (as Ray Jr does not count as a 'true' member of the family)...

The Guthries appear collectively in Marvel Graphic Novel #4, ROM Annual #3, New Mutants #42, X-Force #32 & #83, X-Men #36 & 79, Uncanny X-Men '95 & #437-441 and What If #92. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Elisabeth/Elizabeth "Amazon" Guthrie

Appears: New Mutants #42 (?), X-Men #36, Factor X #1-4, Uncanny X-Men #437-438 & #440-441

Elisabeth, nicknamed Lizzy, is possibly one of the unnamed blonde girls in New Mutants #42 (and Paige the other), but she is not named until X-Men #36. In normal continuity she does not seem to possess any mutant abilities. Paige occassionally refers to Elisabeth as a younger sister, but elsewhere she is established as older than Paige and Sam. Elisabeth could in fact be the same person as Joelle and should, therefore, be referred to as 'Joelle Elisabeth', but this has never been firmly established.

During the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Elisabeth was known as "Amazon" and was a member of the Elite Mutant Force. As a child, after the death of her parents, she and her siblings (Sam and Paige) were rescued by Sinister who asked them to join the Elite Mutant Force and fight for Apocalypse. Both Elisabeth and Sam agreed, though Paige did not. Using her mutant power of altering her size, shape and mass, Elisabeth was in charge of the breeding pens, but received serious burns in a fight with the Bedlam Brothers.

Jebediah "Jeb" Guthrie

Appears: Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995 & #437 & 440-441, X-Men #36, What if? #92

Nicknamed 'Jeb', this Guthrie is usually portrayed as having red-brown hair and glasses and is, according to Paige, a terrible cook. Recently, he appears to have ditched the glasses and developed mutant powers - it seems he can emit beams of electrical energy from his eyes. Jeb used his powers against another boy who had been bullying him and brought a family feud with the Cabots to a head, resulting in the death of two people.

Joelle Guthrie

Appears: ROM Annual #3 (?), New Mutants #42, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, What If? #92

Joelle, nicknamed 'Jo', became jealous of Sam and Paige and their mutant abilities. As a result she became part of the anti-mutant group Humanity's Last Stand, where she met and fell in love with 'Preacher'. Although both were staunch members of the group, they endured a change of heart when they saw Joelle's brother and sister being savagely beaten by the leader of Humanity's Last Stand. They both decided to leave and Joelle helped the X-Men to expose the organsation. She then returned to the Guthrie farm, whilst Preacher left for Colorado.

She is always drawn with brown hair. It is possible that Joelle and Elisabeth are actually the same character, and should be known as 'Joelle Elisabeth Guthrie', but this is far from certain.

Joshua/Jay "Icarus" Guthrie

Appears: ROM Annual 3, New Mutants #42, Uncanny X-Men '95 & #437-441 & #444, X-Men #36 & 157, X-Force # 32 & 36, What If? #92, X-Men Unlimited #3, New X-Men: Academy X

Seemingly, the third oldest child (New Mutants #42 and X-Men #36 state he is older than Paige, but UXM '95 and recent Reload issues contradict this by having Paige as older than Josh), Josh replaced Sam as the father-figure of the Guthrie's when Sam left to join the New Mutants. He was forced to give up his dreams of being the next Elvis and work in the same coal-mines that had taken his father, in order to support the family. Initially, angry at Sam (and later Paige) for abandoning the family and forcing him to give up his dreams, Josh had negative views towards mutants and did not want to be one himself. He has since relaxed his view, which is lucky as it was recently revealed that he is a mutant himself. (Here, it should be noted that Josh was proven not to be a mutant in the Age of Apocalypse storyline and the Phalanx did not find him to be a mutant when they kidnapped Paige.) Recently, Josh suffered the tragic loss of his first love and was sent to Xavier's by his mother in order to help him come to terms with both what he was and what had happened. He is now known as Jay, rather than Josh, goes by the code-name Icarus, and has been placed on the Hellion team. Josh's mutancy has gifted him with the power to heal and a pair of wings. He is also a talented singer, and it has been implied (New Mutants #42) that this is also part of his mutant power.

Although he has been portrayed as being both a blonde and a redhead, Josh is more usually illustrated with brown hair.

Lewis Guthrie

Appears: New Mutants #42, X-Men #36, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995 & #437 & # 440-441, What If? #92

Named in New Mutants #42, Lewis has a twin sister - Unnamed Girl 1 (they appear to be the same age). He is usually shown with blonde hair, but in recent issue was given brown hair like his brothers.

Lucas "Luke" Bartholemew Guthrie

Appears: X-Force #96, Uncanny X-Men # 437-438?

Younger brother of Thomas Guthrie, Lucas is the Guthrie kids' uncle. Sam visited Lucas in jail, where he was serving time for stealing a car, and offered to break him out. Lucas decided to stay until the end of his sentence. He intends to refrain from criminal activity on his release.
In several issues of the She Lies With Angels storyline there was an unidentified man in the Guthries' house. This may have been Lucas.

Lucinda Guthrie

Appears: ROM Annual #3, New Mutants #42, X-Force #32 & 83, Uncanny '95 & #437-441, X-Men #36 & 157, What If? #92, X-Men: The Animated Series - Season 5, Episode 13, Generation X #23-24

> Mother of Paige & Co, little information is given about Lucinda, who was captured by the Phalanx in X-Men #36 to lure her daughter Paige out of the house. More recently, Lucinda was instrumental in helping Warren Worthington III aka Angel admit to his feelings for her daughter Paige. She herself had begun a relationship with a local man, Ray, some time before this. Sadly, Ray as killed in an explosion and Lucinda took in his son, Ray Jr., to raise as her own. Around the same time, her son Josh lost the first love of his life and revealed himself to be a mutant and so Lucinda decided to send him to the Xavier Institute.

Appearance-wise she is variously portrayed as having red, brown, grey and blonde hair. She has also been illustrated as a young-ish woman and an old woman. There seems to be no consistency in her appearances.

Mrs Guthrie also made an appearance X-Men: The Animated Series, where she was called Ellen and was shown as plump and middle-aged.

Melody Guthrie

Appears: New Mutants #42, X-Men #36, Uncanny X-Men #444-445

Previously known as 'Unknown Guthrie Girl 2' (well, fans have guessed and decided that this is who she is), this member of the Guthrie clan has finally been named. We first saw her fleetingly with brown hair, then with blonde pig-tails and a teddy, but we now know her as Melody Guthrie, mutant. Yes, that's right, another Guthrie mutant. Melody has now enrolled at Xavier's and her powers involve the projection of an aura of energy which allows her to fly.

Paige Elisabeth "Husk" Guthrie

Appears: See Issue List
In the Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995 Storm states that Paige is older than Josh, but this is disputed in other issues where it is the other way around. Recently it has finally been established that Paige is in fact the second or third Guthrie sibling (after an Sam and possibly an amalgamated 'Joelle Elisabeth').

In X-Men: The Animated Series Paige is shown with brown hair and shows no indications of being a mutant.

Raymond Junior "Ray"

Appears: Uncanny X-Men #437-441, X-Men #157

Ray Jr became part of the Guthrie family when his father, Raymond Senior, died at the hands of the Cabot family. Ray's father had been dating Lucinda and was trying to protect both her and her family when he died. After his death, Lucinda appeared to take Ray in to her home and now acts as his surrogate mother.

Samuel Zachery "Cannonball" Guthrie

Appears: New Mutants, X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men series, X-Factor #1-4, Mutant X #26-27, X-Men: The Animated Series - Season 5, Episode 13

The oldest Guthrie child, Sam was the main provider of the family after the death of his father. He worked in the local coal mines to earn money until his mutant powers were triggered when he was trapped in a mine with some co-workers. After saving his co-workers, he became an operative of Donald Pierce and was ordered to kill the New Mutants. When he refused, Pierce attempted to kill him, but Sam was saved by Professor Xavier who offered him a place on the New Mutants team. Sam went on to be a member of X-Force, where he appears to have died and been resurrected. After the disbanding of X-Force, he joined the X-Men proper. He later left the team and joined up with Storm's splinter group, the X-Treme X-Men and became a member of the Xavier Security Force. Although the X-Treme team has disbanded, he is still a member of the XSE.

In X-Men: The Animated Series, Sam possessed the same mutation and was almost recruited against his will by a government official who planed to force him to serve as an operative for a government agency. This official tried to get Sam's parents to relinquish their custody of him to the government, but luckily for Sam, the X-Men intervened. He was played by Jon Davey.

In the Age of Apocalypse, Sam became a member of the Elite Mutant Force, along with his sister Elisabeth, after they were discovered, newly orphaned, by Sinister who offered them the change to work for Apocalypse. Sam was in charge of the mutant breeding pens, but was defeated in a battle with the Bedlam Brothers.

Mutant X Sam is a member of the Marauders, along with his sister, Paige. The group is contracted to steal a box which, unbeknownst to them, contains the body of Dracula. They were confronted by Gambit, Bloodstorm and The Outcasts and defeated. Sam, though large, is not particularly clever.

Thomas "Ty" Zebulon Guthrie

Appears: New Mutants #42, X-Force #97, Generation X #23, X-Men: The Animated Series - Season 5, Episode 13

Thomas Guthrie, father of the Paige & Co, was a coal miner in Kentucky. However, coal mining was not very lucrative and Ty was forced to sell his beloved '55 Chevy in order to support his family. He played the guitar and sang, talents which he has passed on to his son, Josh. Ty died early in her life, the victim of working in mines, leaving his eldest son, Sam to provide for the family.

He only appears three times - once when some of Sam's teammates visit his grave (New Mutants #42), once when Sam has a series of flashbacks involving him (X-Force #97) and finally when Paige returns home and rummages through some pictures in the attic (Generation X #23).

In X-Men: The Animated Series, Thomas is named Edward and is alive and well, working as a coal miner to support his wife and two children.

Unnamed Girl 1

Appears: X-Men #36, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, What If? #92

Blonde. Lewis' twin sister. Idolises Paige and wants to have 'magic skin' like her sister.

The Guthrie Farm

The Guthrie family live at the Guthrie farm, in Cumberland County, Kentucky. The farm is located near some coal mines and the Appalachian Mountains. Thomas Guthrie is buried on the farm land.


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