In her time with the various X-teams, Paige has had relationships with three men: Jonothon "Chamber" Starsmore, Tristan Brawn and Warren "Archangel" Worthington III. Details of each relationship can be found below.

Jonothon "Chamber" Starsmore

Paige's most complicated and lengthy relationship so far, has been with fellow Gen Xer, Jonothon Starsmore. The relationship began when Jono tried to talk to Paige when she was incredibly disillusioned with the world, following her research on the Legacy Virus. Paige kissed the surprised Jono who lost control of his powers and destroyed the Girl's Dorm. Jono took full responsibility for the event but the pair exchanged some misleading words and backed away from each other. Sexual tension continued to flow between them, but mixed-messages and misunderstandings kept them apart. They seemed to be making head-way during a period when Jono lost his telepathic powers. He promised Paige, who was leaving for a few weeks to look after her sick mother, that he was interested in her and that he would wait for her. However, in her absence, Jono was once again plagued by self-doubt. Having never been able to understand what Paige saw in him, he withdrew into himself. When Paige returned he gave her the cold shoulder, thinking it the best thing for her. Shortly after this, Paige, tired of being pushed away, began to date Tristan Brawn (see below), despite her continued feelings for Jono. Jono treated Tristan with disdain and his jealousy was fairly obvious. After Paige and Tristan broke up, Paige's relationship with Jono continued to go nowhere. They seemed satisfied with friendship, despite signs that they were still interested in each other.
After Generation X disbanded, Jono had a high-profile relationship with an English music star. Paige and Jono did not meet again until Banshee attempted to recruit Jono into X-Corps. They seemed friendly on this meeting, although a level of sexual tension still existed. When Paige became a member of the X-Men she began a tentative relationship with Warren Worthington (see below). Just as things seemed to be going somewhere, Jono returned to the X-Men, causing Warren to back away from Paige. Paige, however, insisted that she no longer had any feelings for Jono and she and Warren became a couple. This sent Jono off the rails somewhat, prompting him to volunteer to infiltrate Weapon X.

Tristan Brawn

Tristan Brawn joined the Masachussetts Academy after it opened its doors to non-mutants. He first showed an interest in Paige several issues later. Tristan worked out that various members of the school (ie Generation X) were mutants and threatened to reveal them if Paige would not go on a date with him. This date seems to have taken place at the school's formal dance. The pair remained together for some time, with Paige spending some time at Tristan's home, and broke up at an unknown date. Although Paige's reasons for dating Tristan are unclear they undoubtedly contain a mixture of a desire to keep her teammates safe and a desire to make Jono jealous. Still, she does seem to have actually liked him and they shared a kiss after the dance.

Warren "Archangel" Worthington III

One of the founding members of the X-Men, Warren Worthington is Paige's current boyfriend. The two shared an attraction from the moment Paige moved to the X-mansion, but neither voiced their feelings for a while. Paige, because she wasn't sure how to go about it, and Warren because he felt he shouldn't be interested in someone so much younger than him. Although it was clear they were attracted to each other, no one commented on it until Stacy X, in an effort to win Warren for herself, announced Paige's feelings to everyone. Paige fled, upset, and Warren berated Stacy for her words. The X-Men, alerted by Paige, discovered that a new species was running part of Worthington Enterprises for its own use and confronted the group. During this confrontation, Paige was killed and Warren seriously injured. However, Warren's secondary mutation kicked in, healing himself and bringing Paige back from the dead. After Paige passed on a message from the deceased Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke, Warren's former lover, Warren backed away from her. This, coupled with the return of Jono, meant that it was not until some time later, when the X-Men travelled to the Guthrie's home, that Warren finally revealed his true feelings. Quizzed by Paige's mother, he admitted that he loved her but didn't want to hurt her or lead her into any danger. Paige, overhearing this told him angrily that she was more than capable of looking after herself and making her own decisions. With nothing standing in the way, the pair finally got together and consumated their relationship almost immediately.


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