Paige is technically an omnimorph who peels off her outer layer of skin (which she discards casually) to reveal a new layer of skin which has been transformed to the material necessary to withstand whatever is happening to her. Originally she had no control over her new form, but her time with Generation X helped her to gain better control over her power. Her height and weight can vary considerably according to the form she has taken. Her eye and hair colour are also usually affected. In some of her earlier appearances, Paige was illustrated as ripping her hair off along with her skin, however, her hair more usually transforms into the same substance as her body. She has also discovered how to rip away the outer layer of skin and reveal, not a new form, but normal skin below. She can hold a new form for roughly an hour and is then forced to peel it away (again discarding it casually), revealing the ordinary "peaches-and-cream" Paige again. If Paige is injured, either in 'normal' or 'husked' form, removing her outer layer of skin usually restores her to health. Unfortunately, the husking process somehow destroys her clothes, leaving her naked after the final transformation (this is not always adhered to, especially in her earlier adventures). Over the years she has taken many forms, mainly humanoid (although it has been mentioned that some of her forms may include the power of flight). Recently, her powers have been improving, and she has discovered that some of her forms bring with them extra abilities such as increased speed or agility. Below is a list of the forms Paige has taken, along with the issues they appeared in and an image of each particular form.

Form Appeared In Image Extra Features
Acid Generation NeXt #1 NeXt1 Age of Apocalypse
Asbestos Genogoths (Novel) - Flame Retardent
Bird X-Force #32 - Flight
Brick Generation X #41 GenX41 Hardness
Diamond Generation X Annual '97 GenX'97 Strength, Invulnerability
Glass Generation X #52 GenX57 Transparancy
Insect X-Force #32 - -
(Unnamed) Metal X-Men #37
Generation X #9, #32, #65, #66
Generation X Annual '96
Gen 13 / Generation X #1
Uncanny X-Men #406
GenX9, GenX32, GenX65, GenX66
Strength, Hardness, Bullet-Proof
(Unnamed) Metal Arm Generation Next #1 Next1 Blade
Mist Generation Next #1 Next1 Age of Apocalypse
Moly Steel Generation X 1\2
GenX1\2 Bullet-proof
Rock Generation X #3, #14 GenX3, GenX14 Strength, Hardness
Rubber Generation X #18, #65 GenX18, GenX65 Super Speed
(Normal) Skin Generation X #1, #24
Generation NeXt #1
GenX1, GenX24
Steel Generation X #15, #16 GenX15, GenX16 Strength, Hardness
Stone Generation X Annual '95
Generation X #51, #54, #57, #58, #74
GenX51, GenX54, GenX57, GenX58, GenX74
Strength, Hardness
Stone Arm Generation Next #1 NeXt1 Spike
Transparant Steel Generation X #16 GenX16 Strength, Hardness, Reveals internal organs
Normal --> Rock --> Normal Generation X#26 GenX26 Result of trauma
Metal --> Crystalised Carbon Generation X Annual '96 GenX'96 Strength, Hardness
Crystalised Carbon --> Normal Generation X Annual '96 GenX'96 -
Normal, Wood & Stone Generation X Annual '96 GenX'96 Result of trauma
Metal & Wood Generation X Annual '96 GenX'96 Result of trauma

If I've missed any then e-mail me. Many thanks to Christie for donating many of the AoA scans!


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