TV & Movie Appearances

Surprisingly enough, Paige has actually appeared in three movies and one TV show! This section will give you details and images from these appearances.

X-Men: The Animated Series

Paige appeared briefly in X-Men: The Animated Series (something which I didn't realise until it was pointed out to me!) in Season 5, Episode 13 - 'Hidden Agenda'. In this episode the X-Men are trying to convince Paige's brother, Sam, to join the team so Paige isn't really a major character. She appears several times, mainly in connection with her family and is never revealed as a mutant. She is portrayed with brown hair and a baseball cap - very un-Paige-like! Many thanks to Christie for all the screencaptures =) Click on a thumbnail to view the larger picture.

Paige Guthrie 1 Paige Guthrie 2 Sam & Paige Guthrie, Rogue Paige & Sam 1 Paige & Sam 2 Paige, Mr & Mrs Guthrie Paige & Sam 3

Generation X: The Movie

OK, so there is no character called 'Husk' in the movie, but Buff is a blatant scale-down of Paige Guthrie's powers!
Details to follow.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Paige Guthrie was in this movie? Well, her cover for Generation X # 74 was!
Details to follow.

X-Men 2: X-Men United

There has been much talk about who appeared in this movie, with rumours of both Husk and Chamber popping up. So far, all I can confirm is that Paige does indeed cameo in the movie, but not in the form everyone expects. When Mystique is going through Stryker's computer files, Paige's name appears under the heading of 'Guthrie (2)', along with her brother, Sam.

Guthrie, Paige & Samuel - X-Men 2: X-Men United

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