Uncanny X-Men # 403

Paige Summary

Sean "Banshee" Cassidy, trying to convince Chamber to join X-Corps, introduces him to some old friends - Jubilee, M and Paige. Paige and Jono exchange some awkward words, with Paige asking if he had forgotten about her on his recent adventures. Although Jono insists that he hadn't, Jubilee, at any rate, is sceptical.

Jono asks why the former Generation X team members are working with X-Corps and is told by Paige that although they are all skeptical about the organisation, they decided that someone needed to keep an eye on Banshee. Having heard all kinds of rumours, they are there to make sure that he makes the right decisions for the right reasons.

Wider Issue Summary

After speaking about mutant affairs at the G8 summit in Rome, Warren "Archangel" Worthington III, along with Stacy X, is diverted to Zurich where a new mutant has been detected. Archangel and Stacy X try to defend the boy, who "regurgitates flammable material" which he cannot control, from the anti-mutant group Acculturation Resistance Movement (A.R.M.) but are interrupted by the arrival of X-Corps. While M looks after the new mutant, the other members of the team disperse the non-mutant crowd using their powers, much to Archangel's disapproval.

In Paris, Banshee is introducing one of his former students, Chamber, to X-Corps in the hope that he will join. As a final incentive he brings Chamber to visit some old friends who are already members of the organisation - Jubilee, M and Husk. The former team-mates are pleased to see each other, but Jono decides to investigate further before making a decision.

Elsewhere in Paris, Bobby "Iceman" Drake confronts three more members of X-Corps, taunting them. They refuse to rise, however, and tell him that they will not fight him.

Back at X-Corps headquarters, Banshee and Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner are discussing the ideas behind the new organisation. Nightcrawler obviously finds the "police action" of X-Corps unpalatable. Nightcrawler and Chamber meet and investigate what lies below the headquarters, having been tipped off by Jubilee, M and Husk that there is something mysterious down there.

In Zurich, A.R.M. plan their next attack but are all killed by a member of X-Corps.

Meanwhile, Chamber has discovered what lies beneath X-Corps headquarters - a body in some sort of containment tube. After touching the tube, he finds himself face to face with Magneto, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch and Toad.

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