Uncanny X-Men # 404

Paige Summary

Above Zurich, Paige, M and Jubilee, known as the "Angels" are on a recon mission for X-Corps. Paige and Jubilee have a slight argument about what it they're doing just before they helicopter is shot down by a group of non-mutants (A.R.M.?) and they are attacked. However, they manage to defeat their attackers and none of the X-Corps team is injured. At the end of the fight, Paige is wrapped in a blanket, suggesting that she husked at some point, resulting in the destruction of her clothes.
Wider Issue Summary

Chamber discovers that the mutants he faces are not real. Confused, he turns to find he is being watched by a woman who introduces herself as Martinique and tells him that he is trespassing in her mind.

Back at the X-Corps headquarters Stacy X, Iceman and Archangel are all in the laboratory under the main building. Here, Miss "Sunpyre" Yoshida is "determining the exact nature" of a young Genoshan. The X-Men demand to know if the Genoshan, Nils "Abyss" Styger, is there voluntarily. They are told that he is but continue to ask questions. Miss Yoshida becomes increasingly annoyed and asks them to leave as they are distracting her.

Watching another broadcast from A.R.M., Banshee begins to plan a counterstrike, much to Nighcrawlers surprise. Banshee contacts his "Angels" to do some recon, but before they can do much, their helicopter is shot down. Back in Martinique's mind, Chamber finds that she is making no sense but is told to pay attention as he might learn something.

Now on the ground, Banshee's "Angels" find themselves confronting an 'army' of non-mutants. Nightcrawler and Archangel offer to help, but Banshee tells them that there's no point as the fight will soon be over. The "Angels" are not the only X-Corps members at the scene of the battle, Jamie "Multiple Man" Madrox is also there and is taking out many of the attackers.

In Martinique's mind, Chamber is angry at having being 'threatened' by Martinique. She tells him not to take everything so personally and uses mind control to construct a furnace around him, advising him to develop his telepathic side as it will allow him to do more than communicate. That done she leaves to go to a "meeting". Chamber unleashes his power, destroys the furnace and sets off to find her.

At X-Corps headquarters, Miss Yoshida is recording her personal log and talks about Styger. It seems that her equipment cannot fully analyse him but she is sure that he realises they are trying to help, not hurt, him.

In Zurich, the battle is over and the "Angels" have come out unscathed. Archangel asks Multiple Man if he killed anyone and is told that X-Corps do not murder people and that is the difference between them and A.R.M. Banshee picks up one of the non-mutants and demands to know where Jakob Eisen, the leader of A.R.M. is. The man does not respond and Banshee eventually screams the question at him, using his powers as he does so. Before Nightcrawler can stop him, Banshee kills the man, but immediately becomes upset, saying that "there wasn't supposed to be any more death".

Back in the X-Corps laboratory, Miss Yoshida is lying on the floor, seemingly dead, observed by Styger.

On his search for Martinique, Chamber stumbles into her 'meeting'. An unknown voice seems to be discussing Banshee. The stranger notices Chamber and throws him out of Martinique's mind and back into the lab where he is confronted by four members of X-Corps who claim to have been "cut loose" and are about to "take over".

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