Uncanny X-Men # 406

Paige Summary

Paige and Jubilee are engaged in a fight with Blob, a rogue X-Corps member. Paige husks into what looks like a metal form and punches him, but Blob grabs her head and throws her to the ground. Jubilee uses her fireworks to blind him, allowing Paige time to recover. Stacy X then comes to their aid. Together they defeat Blob and it is implied that Stacy used some "unorthodox" methods, causing Paige to wonder if that's what they're looking for at Xavier's these days. The three move from the scene of the fight to one of the X-Corps labs where they arrive just in time to prevent Banshee from being sucked into Syger's "Abyss". Paige checks to see if he is dead and reports that he is still alive.

Paige turns up later when Banshee has been hospitalised. She and Jubilee appear to be napping in the waiting room.

Wider Issue Summary

Mystique has set Martinique free and tells her that Banshee had "no idea that his manipulations were being used against him". As Banshee lies on the floor, bleeding from his neck, she reveals that she infiltrated A.R.M. and killed Eisen. She also lets Banshee know that Martinique allowed him to think that they were using her to control the minds of various agents. This double treachery means that Mystique and Martinique control everything within X-Corps. They exit the lab, having released nerve gas in the command centre, leaving Banshee to bleed to death. However, once they have left, Banshee pulls himself off the floor.

In Paris, M, Multiple Man, Archangel and Iceman, now working together, are destroying a fleet of gunships, all controlled by duplicates of Multiple Man. Before each gunship is destroyed, M grabs the pilot and takes him back to the original Multiple Man to be reassimilated. As they continue in this plan, they are attacked by Fever Pitch, Avalanche and Zombie, all members of X-Corps loyal to Martinique. The rogue X-Corps members drop a bomb on the Eiffel Tower, destroying it completely. Meanwhile, at X-Corps headquarters, Jubilee and Paige are fighting the Blob and are joined by Stacy X.

Out in Paris, Fever Pitch sets fire to the Louvre while M, Archangel and Iceman continue to reclaim the Multiple ManIceman attempts to freeze Fever Pitch to halt the destruction of the city.

Mystique, gloating over the destruction being wrought across Europe, reflects on the affect it will have on Xavier's dream. She is annoyed when Martinique's control of Multiple Man begins to slip and demands that she get it back. In the lab, Banshee, still bleeding, discovers Miss Yoshida.

Iceman successfully freezes not just Fever Pitch, but the Louvre itself, bringing an abrupt end to the fire. M manages to recover the final Multiple Man duplicate while Archangel realises what the attack on Paris will mean.

Paige, Jubilee and Stacy X successfully defeat Blob, while in the control centre, Mystique tells Martinique that she will accept nothing less than full commitment, after discovering a security breach in one of the labs. She leaves to investigate and finds Banshee struggling to stand up. He collapses and Mystique is attacked by Styger, the young mutant Miss Yoshida was examining. He tries to stop himself from killing her but is unable to control his powers. He appeals to Banshee for help saying that he doesn't want to take him into the "Abyss" along with Mystique. An unconscious Banshee is rescued by Paige and Jubilee. Styger thanks them for their help and asks if Banshee is dead. Paige checks and finds that he is still alive.

In a Paris hospital, Iceman, Stacy X and Multiple Man discuss the situation. Martinique is missing, as are Nightcrawler and Chamber, and the political ramifications of the attack are just beginning. As they talk, Archangel observes Banshee who is lying in a hospital bed, looking out over the destroyed city.

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