Uncanny X-Men # 413

Paige Summary

Paige welcomes the new school nurse, Annie Ghazikhanian, and her son Carter. Annie asks if Paige has a "dangerous power" and Paige is surprised, replying that she is not dangerous to Carter and her power is more subdued than those of certain other people. She seems annoyed at the question. Professor Xavier uses telepathy to ask her to bring Annie to the infirmary. During her exchange with him, Paige speaks aloud for Annie's benefit. In the infirmary Paige speaks to Warren "Archangel" Worthington III but is interrupted by Stacy X who asks Paige if she's ever heard of a bra. Stacy verbally attacks her and the girls argue, much to everyone's dismay. The only one not surprised is Bobby "Iceman" Drake who is upset that his injury is stopping him from watching the girls argue over who is the more 'skanky'. Stacy ends the argument by telling Paige, and the room, that she can see her pheromones and she knows that she has feelings for Archangel. Paige leaves the room crying but Archangel tells Stacy X that her comments were uncalled for.

Later, Annie visits Paige in her room. Paige appears to be quite emotional and does not accept the nurse's offer of friendship closing her door so she can be alone.

Wider Issue Summary

Annie Ghazikhanian and her son Carter arrive at Professor Xavier's school where Annie is to act as the school nurse. We learn that she does not like mutants but has her reasons for working at a mutant school. Annie manages to offend Paige "Husk" Guthrie, who welcomes her to the school. Xavier and several of the X-Men return from a mission and Annie is immediately called to the infirmary as several of them are injured. Bobby "Iceman" Drake and Archangel have both been severely injured, although Archangel appears to be healing and has lost his blue skin. Stacy X and Paige argue until Stacy reveals Paige's feelings for Archangel causing the other girl to run from the infirmary. Archangel is not impressed with Stacy's actions and asks her to leave. Xavier thanks Annie for her help before remembering Alex "Havok" Summers.

The others are surprised and delighted to hear the Havok is back at the school. When Annie tells them that he is in some kind of coma, Xavier enters Havok's mind in an attempt to revive him.

Outside, Wolverine confronts Cain "Juggernaut" Marko, telling him to be careful as he will be watching him. Juggernaut is enraged as Wolverine leaves. He then realises that two children are following him, looking at him in wonder. He takes a basketball from another child and drops it into the hoop, causing the two boys to say that he's cool.

On the astral plane Xavier is searching for Havok, but is prevented from reaching him by something. Feeling Havok's pain and loneliness, Xavier awakens crying. He tells Annie that he cannot reach Havok but will keep trying. Annie tries to comfort him and they find common ground as protectors - he as the professor of the X-Men and she as a mother. When Xavier offers her a full-time job she asks him why he doesn't get a mutant. In reponse Xavier tells her about his dream. Annie accepts the job but again, we learn that she does not like mutants and that she has her reasons for feeling this way.

Leaving Xavier she goes to Paige's room and asks her if she is ok. Paige reminds Annie of her feelings towards Annie and tells her that she needs to be alone. Annie returns to her room and the reason why she wants to stop disliking mutants is made clear - her son is one.

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