Uncanny X-Men # 419

Paige Summary

Paige awakens to find Angel unconscious on top of her. Pushing him aside she realises that neither of them are bleeding any more and that her wounds are not as deep as she had believed. As 'husking' destroys her clothes and she is currently in metal form, Paige takes Angel's shirt to wear once she had shed her current form. As she changes back she reflects that it's a shame Angel is unconscious, as if he were awake, seing her naked might lead their relationship somewhere. She doesn't realise that Angel is awake and looking at her. With the shirt covering her, Angel reveals he is conscious and apologises for getting her into such a situation. Paige tells him that she knew what she was signing up for when she became an X-Man. She then tells him that he is an enigma - a handsome and charming X-Man, but also a "wealthy fat-cat polluter of the environment" who has shaken her faith in homo-superior. In response Angel corrects her grammar and she yells that she is not stupid. When he points out that he didn't call her stupid she confesses that other people have.

Paige goes on to talk about the evolution of homo-superior and about how they should be above alot of the petty fighting they engage in. She says that soon all the people with similar powers will join together against everyone else. Then she drops her bombshell - when she was unconscious Elisabeth "Psylocke" Braddock, Angel's dead lover, talked to her and gave her a message for Angel. Apparently, Betsy told Paige to say good-bye for her and to tell Archangel that he was following the wrong path. Angel is shocked but before they can talk, they are attacked by the werewolves.

Wider Issue Summary

At the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Lorna "Polaris" Dane has returned and is pointing scalpels at Annie Ghazikhanian, the school nurse. The scene is interrupted by John-Paul "Northstar" Beaubier who has come to get Annie to help Wolverine. He demands to know what's going on.

On the White Plains, New York, Paige "Husk" Guthrie awakens to find Archangel unconscious on top of her.

Back at the Institute Polaris instructs Northstar to leave and claims that Annie was banging Havok's head against the table. Annie denies this and is believed by Northstar, causing Polaris to force him to exit the room, using her powers to send him flying out through the roof. Turning her attention back to Annie, she calls her a member of a lesser species and brings the scalpels closer to the nurse's already bleeding face. Xavier, Juggernaut and Samuel "Squidboy" Pare enter and Juggernaut stops Polaris from hurting Annie any more. Xavier attempts to calm everyone down and Polaris' anger dissolves giving way to distress at Havok's state. On the bed, Havok suddenly starts to scream.

On the White Plains, Paige reverts to her human form and is observed by Angel.

In the Infirmary, Havok has regained consciousness. He asks where Carter is and when he sees the boy lying unconscious on a nearby bed, he asks Annie to bring him to the child. Havok speaks to Carter, saying that in his mind he had looked bigger. He tells Annie that Carter rescued him from the dimensional void where he had been held by an unknown entity. Carter is now trapped by that entity and is too tired by the strain of rescuing Havok to escape himself. Havok tells Annie to call to him and asks Xavier for his help.

Back in the woods, Paige and Angel begin to argue. Paige reveals that Psylocke spoke to her when she was unsconscious. Before Angel can ask her about it, they are attacked by the werewolves.

Xavier enters Carter's mind in an attempt to free him. He manages to grab Carter's arm and screams "YOU WON'T HAVE THIS BOY!". Off the astral plane, he stands up, and begins to scream. Meanwhile, Juggernaut and Northstar head off on their mission.

In St Michael's Church, Brooklyn, Nightcrawler is talking to Fr Whitney about the difficulty of studying to be a prest while being a living symbol of evolution. He is told the religion does not refute science. Nightcrawler further confesses that he has not been reading his daily prayer, that he no longer wishes to repress desire and he is questioning his faith. Fr Whitney asks him to leave.

After leaving the church, Nightcrawler is contacted by Northstar who asks him how far he can teleport. Nightcrawler's response is about half a mile, which is useless to Northstar. Iceman, who is going on the mission with Juggernaut and Northstar, threatens Northstar saying that if anything happens to Archangel he will kill him. His threats are interrupted by a voice message from Paige, who asks for their help. Iceman looks at Northstar threateningly.

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