Name of Organisation: X-Corps
Leader of Organisation: Sean Cassidy aka Banshee
Base of Operations: Paris, France
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men # 401
Further Appearances: Uncanny X-Men # 402 - 406
Members: Avalanche, Blob, Fever Pitch, Husk, Jubilee, M, Mastermind (III), Multiple Man, Radius, Sunpyre, Surge (Mystique)

The mutant paramilitary group known as X-Corps was founded by Sean Cassidy aka Banshee. After the death of Moira McTaggert and the disbanding of Generation X, Banshee felt it was time to try to achive Charles Xavier's dream using slightly different methods. X-Corps was intended as a group that would both poilce and protect the mutant population of Europe. X-Corps headquarters were located in Paris, France, in a former base of A.I.M. which Banshee had obtained using his contacts at Interpol.

Not all of the members of X-Corps had joined of their own free will. Several mutant criminals, including Avalanche, Blob and Mystique, were forced to join the organisation. Using the powers of Mastermind, against her will, Banshee manipulated various criminals into carrying out his orders.

Other X-Corps members were there for the express purpose of keeping an eye on their former headmaster. Husk, Jubilee and M all joined due to their concern for Banshee. They felt that since the death of Moira, he had not been the same and were worried that he would do something he would later regret. Their plan was to stop him from doing anything too extreme.

The X-Men, although impressed by the facilities X-Corps possessed, did not fully approve of the new organisation, feeling it was too militaristic. The fact that several X-Corps members were criminals did not sit well with them, and they were shocked at some of the methods being employed by the new group in their effort to police and protect mutants throughout Europe. The two teams clashed in Rome, but the X-Men took no action against X-Corps, despite their differing opinions.

Much of X-Corps' time seemed to be taken up with the fight against the Acculturation Resistance Movement (A.R.M.), a violent anti-mutant group. When A.R.M. announced that it had killed Surge, a member of X-Corps, the team was lead into a trap. Surge was in fact Mystique who had killed Jakob Eisen, the leader of A.R.M. and was now posing as him in public. During this incident, Banshee almost killed a member of the anti-mutant group. This set-up was the beginning of the end for X-Corps. When the returned to their Paris headquarters, it was to discover that Blog and Avalanche have disappeared, taking with them several gunships, and that Sunpyre is dead.

The two factions of X-Corps began to fight. The former criminals, now freed from the influence of mind-control, turned on the others and caused huge damage across the entire city. While all of this is going on, Mystique appeared and released the captive Mastermind and it was revealed that the pair of them have been interfering with X-Corps from the beginning. Mystique slit Banshee's throat and left him from dead. However, he managed to release Abyss, a mutant with uncontrollable powerful abilities. Everyone in the room was sucked into Abyss' void, with the exception of Banshee himself who was saved by Husk and Jubilee. With it's leader hospitalised and it's reputation in tatters, X-Corps seems to have disbanded.

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